Things you should know about React

Rafi kadir
2 min readMay 7, 2021


Photo by Tudor Baciu on Unsplash

1. Framework vs Library

Basically, a library is a small piece of code within a framework. React is a library, not a framework. We can use the library but the framework uses us.

2. Rich Components

Yes. You can break a large website into many pieces by components. It will make you more productive and code will be fresher.

3. Props

React makes it easier to transfer data from one page to another page by props.

4. State

The state is stores something that is changeable. For example, we are collecting the email addresses of users from our website. Now think that our website will be not visited by one people. There is a lot of users who will visit our website daily and probably they will give an email address. So, by using state we can collect the email of the user and store them in a State name.

5. Event Handle

Suppose we have a contact form in our and there is a send message button. We can set an event handler to our button to transfer data to the database.

6. React Router

If you want to make a multipage react website you must know to react-router. By using react-router you can connect one page to another page.

7. Conditional rendering

There is a lot of function or features in a website where you need to use conditional rendering. Suppose you have an e-commerce website and users must need login to make an order. Now you can set a condition if user logged in they can make an order otherwise send them to the login page

8. User context

Suppose a user already logged in to your website. Users can visit many pages. Now you can know which user is logged in to the website.

9. React Form

React form is the easiest way to integrate form functionality in a website. You can make a contact form, subscriber form, or order form on the website.

10. Netlify

Netlify is one of the most popular services out there for web deployment. You can easily deploy react app in Netlify.